1. No Such Luck 8 ball bad luck badgedesign dice eye fingers crossed flash sheet fortune graphic design horseshoe illustration illustrator lightning bolt luck lucky no such luck traditional typography vector wishbone
    View No Such Luck
    No Such Luck
  2. Time Remains Undefeated badgedesign branding classic comfort colors floral graphic design hand illustration illustrator merch rose roses screen print streetwear t shirt design time timeliess traditional typography vector
    View Time Remains Undefeated
    Time Remains Undefeated
  3. IT ME 2024 2024 badgedesign bike checker energy fire flames frog froggy graphic design illustration illustrator lettering lfg moto motorcycle new year traditional typography vector
    View IT ME 2024
    IT ME 2024
  4. Graphic Arts Specialist badge badgedesign branding brooklyn chunky finest quality for hire freelance graphic arts graphic design illustration illustrator lockup logo professional specialist type typography vector
    View Graphic Arts Specialist
    Graphic Arts Specialist
  5. Need Graphic Design? badge badgedesign branding character clean free freelance graphic design hire me illustration lockup logo patch pro simple sticker sun sunshine typography vector
    View Need Graphic Design?
    Need Graphic Design?
  6. Name Badge badge badgedesign branding brooklyn clean eric w lee for hire freelance gold graphic design illustration logo merch name nyc patch signage sticker typography vector
    View Name Badge
    Name Badge
  7. Hot Hand badgedesign bolt branding electric energy fingers geometric graphic design hand illustration illustrator lightning logo pink simplistic strike vector
    View Hot Hand
    Hot Hand
  8. Spider alter badgedesign black widow blood branding bugs flower graphic design illustration illustrator insect leave me alone spider traditional typography vector web
    View Spider
  9. Imagine that animal badgedesign branding character graphic design illustration illustrator imagine that logo mascot never patch pig pink sticker typography vector when pigs fly wings
    View Imagine that
    Imagine that
  10. Smile! badgedesign beware camera chainlink graphic design illustration illustrator poster print security sign smile streetart typography vector warning
    View Smile!
  11. Got nothing but time badgedesign branding classic flower gold graphic design hourglass illustration illustrator insignia logo patch plant pothos seal time traditional typography vector
    View Got nothing but time
    Got nothing but time
  12. Time Remains Undefeated badgedesign classic flower gold graphic design illustration illustrator patch rose tattoo thorns time timeless traditional typography undefeated vector
    View Time Remains Undefeated
    Time Remains Undefeated
  13. Time Remains Undefeated badgedesign clean floral gold graphic design hand illustration illustrator rose tattoo time traditional typography undefeated vector
    View Time Remains Undefeated
    Time Remains Undefeated
  14. Memphis Forever badge badgedesign branding buds characters forever friends gator goat graphic design illustration illustrator lettering mascot memphis party pool sticker typography vector
    View Memphis Forever
    Memphis Forever
  15. Food Pyramid anthora apple badgedesign bagel bodega coffee cookie food graphic design hot dog illustration illustrator new york city nyc pattern pizza pretzel ramen snacks vector
    View Food Pyramid
    Food Pyramid
  16. Freelance Isn't Free! badgedesign branding freelance graphic design hand hands illustration illustrator middle finger mockup money nyc pay me poster screenprint streetart typography vector wheatpaste
    View Freelance Isn't Free!
    Freelance Isn't Free!
  17. Hell No 8 ball badgedesign branding fire flame fortune graphic design hands hologram illustration illustrator magic 8 merch sticker typography vector
    View Hell No
    Hell No
  18. Freelance Isn't Free badgedesign bird eagle fiya freelance freelance isnt free freelancer graphic design hammer hire illustration illustrator nyc typography vector
    View Freelance Isn't Free
    Freelance Isn't Free
  19. Quit Your Job! badge badgedesign boxing boxing glove branding for hire freelance graphic design illustration illustrator logo merch design punch quit quit your job self employment sticker typography vector
    View Quit Your Job!
    Quit Your Job!
  20. The New York Groove badge badgedesign branding eagle graphic design groove identity illustration illustrator journalism logo media new york new york groove new yorker news nyc publication typography vector
    View The New York Groove
    The New York Groove
  21. You're Doomed badgedesign crystal ball doomed fortune graphic design hands illustration illustrator luck lucky merch ora premonition sticker typography vector whatever
    View You're Doomed
    You're Doomed
  22. Summer Rats! branding brooklyn building crossfit exercise graphic design hydrant illustration illustrator nyc pride rat rats summer sunset tough typography weight lift
    View Summer Rats!
    Summer Rats!
  23. Cheap aint good! badgedesign cheap cheap aint good diamond die cut graphic design illustration illustrator merch quality sticker typography vector vinyl sticker
    View Cheap aint good!
    Cheap aint good!
  24. Alone Time! alone time badgedesign branding collegiate graphic design illustration illustrator logo logotype merch nyc photoshoot screenprint shirt design sports streetwear t shirt tattoos tee typography
    View Alone Time!
    Alone Time!
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