Primo's Deli

Proud to start sharing some brand work for Primo’s Deli in San Pedro California. Check out the case study live on my site now.


They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. This is the case for Primo’s founder, Jonah Fernandez. When his position in the US Navy requires him to be out at sea for months on end, he finds himself longing for the familiarity of his hometown. He misses his family, his community, and most notably, he craves the comfort of familiar food. These feelings sent Jonah on an entrepreneurial mission to create a neighborhood deli concept that’s sole focus is on community and comradery. The essence of why Jonah started this is a key part to the brand story. Lots more to share here. Stay tuned.r text here...

Jim Kennelly
Brand Expert, Designer, Illustrator, Commercial Artist.

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